This Aussie/Canadian Duo are energetic, powerful, moving, and married to each other. Mixing sweet and soulful vocals with meaningful lyrics and driving tracks, these women have established a unique and recognizable sound which is altogether refreshing and utterly satisfying.

Eleni Stephanides form CURVE Magazine said:

"In a world where girl-loves-boy lyrics permeate pop, Sugarbeach is an exciting discovery for the lesbian pop-loving community. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Sugarbeach consists of Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender, two out artists who bring queer issues into the limelight through ear-catching tracks."

  • Nominated for 4 OUTMusic Awards in 2012, Sugarbeach were honored to be presenters at the Awards held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
• Wrote and performed the theme song for the 2011 North American Outgames “Come On Out” opening for Carole Pope and Ace of Base.
• Wrote “Living Out Proud” for the 30th Anniversary of Vancouver Pride which became a world wide anthem and launched both Whistler and Vancouver Pride houses for the 2010 Winter Olympics. "Living Out Proud" was awarded with 'Song of the Year' in 2010 from the OutVoice Top 40 LGBT Charts in the U. S.

  • Nominated for 9 Pride in the Arts awards in the US, Sugarbeach won Favorite Group of the Year 2009, Pride Song of the Year “Living Out Proud” 2010 and Pride Camp Song “I Just Love Girls” 2009.

In Nov 2010, Sugarbeach launched, the global LGBT Out Artist promotional website and produce the annual RightOutTV Music & Video Awards.
For their contribution to the GLBT community through RightOutTV, Sugarbeach were nominated for a PITA MOJO award in 2011.

“Mama I Love Her”, their irresistible pumping dance song with a Middle Eastern flavor and a big message, was nominated for ”Outstanding International Song of The Year” with the Outmusic Awards in New York in 2009.
Sugarbeach have licensed their music to film and TV and can be heard in "Off the Beaten Palate," "Heterosexual Jill," "Eating Out- The Open Weekend" on LOGO. "Insight...The Rise of the Seer" and "The 6 Month Rule."
Marlee's voice can also be heard narrating the documentaries, "The Working People" and "Wings and Dreams" on the Knowledge Network.

Mette Bach of Xtra West reports:
Meeting in Australia, Marlee & Tully "clicked immediately, developing a friendship that became an attraction and a mutual artistic admiration, culminating in Callender and Walchuck's decision to cross the globe together to Vancouver......
"It's much bigger than music," Walchuck explains. "It's bigger than sexuality."
One of Sugarbeach's goals is to make it easier for other queer musicians to be open and honest in their lyrics. The opportunity to have a hand in anyone coming out
is a great motivating factor.
The even bigger motivation is authenticity, says Walchuck. Their lyrics, while clearly lesbian, are universal and resonate with straight and queer audiences alike.
As Callender and Walchuck grew closer, expressing themselves creatively emerged as the natural outcome. They formed Sugarbeach [in 2007]..., released the single "I Just Love Girls" in record time and haven't looked back. They were immediately booked to perform at eight venues during last year's Pride [2007] and the gigs kept coming.
"When it's right, it's right" Callender says. The synthesis of coming out, moving to Vancouver and pursuing her singing career has granted Callender an enormous freedom, allowing her to focus on projects that matter to her and feed her creatively. ...

Marlee Walchuk

Marlee began public live performances at age 14 - no quiet start as she faced 16,000 fans at the Vancouver Coliseum as a teenager and was a regular on the Canadian TV shows.

Her training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in LA propelled her further into a music and acting career. She balanced her club performances with her studio singing for commercials and album projects.

Marlee’s hit single "God Bless the Woman" won 1st prize in the Canadian Song Festival and was on the Canadian A Playlist for 6 months.

With pop/rock band Mistress she toured the US and Canada and was a massive favourite in the gay communities.

Her 1st album “One More Chance” was released in the late 90's and she toured Canada and Germany with crowds of 10,000 people eager to hear her smooth, sexy and powerful voice. She was nominated for 5 BCCMA awards and won Best Vocalist in 1999.

Tully Callender

Tully left Sydney, Australia and joined Marlee to form Sugarbeach in early 2007.
She has always had her hand in some musical project or another which often took her to performing at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Town Hall.

Having grown a successful accounting firm in Australia, Tully's business background has been a great asset to Sugarbeach.
"Walchuk credits Callender's determination and goal-setting ability as the driving force behind the duo" (Mette Bach - Xtra West).