Activism Made Easy

When my brother and sister were children, life was quite different. There’s a large age gap between us (something I rarely let them forget) so they were raised in a totally different environment from myself.

In their time, it wasn’t uncommon for my parents and their friends to load their kids into the back of their gas guzzling V8, (without seat belts) and park at the local beer parlor leaving the kids in the car while they drank and socialized for hours on end, intermittently chucking bags of pig skins through the back window to keep them from starving. Then driving home if not drunk, certainly halfway there.

Believe it or not this was acceptable behavior 60 years ago.

Nowadays those kids would be picked up like money on the street and promptly placed in the care of child services and before they knew it they would be eating fish sticks and mashed potatoes with total strangers in their new foster home.

Sixty years doesn’t really seem like that long ago until you consider that Martin Luther King was still in theology school, John F. Kennedy was just a congressman from the Boston area and the Beatles hadn’t even struck up a chord together yet, so you could say a substantial amount of historical events and progress have transpired in this time. At this point, homosexual sex was considered a criminal act in every country in the world (195) with the exception of about 19.

So, in 60 years, we have brought women out of the kitchen and into the CEO offices and government power positions around the world, the Civil Rights movement abolished the segregation of African Americans, our children are better protected and the “no tolerance’ drunk driving laws are keeping us all safer however, there are still 80 countries where homosexual sex is a criminal act and in 7 of these it is punishable by death. How is it possible that almost half of the world is still so un-evolved and why is this our problem?

Hell, we can get married in Canada and in seven other countries and the U.S. are now up to 6 glorious “rights enriched” states, I mean really shouldn’t we just be happy with what we have and let the rest of them sort their own stuff out?

Sure that sounds easier except for one small problem…there is no “us” and “them.” That’s right, once you realize that the love of the same sex is what rocks your world then you are a full fledged, card carrying, responsible member of a community that not only understands you but desperately needs you to be as active as you can possibly be.

Does that mean you are expected to don a feather boa, some genital cinching Ginch Gonch and lip sync Gaga songs in your local Pride parade? Sure, if that feels right for you but if that is too far out of your comfort zone you can start by using this wonderful invention called the Internet.

You can blog, comment, tweet, read and become aware, post noteworthy articles and videos to facebook, write to governments when you see our brothers and sisters not being treated fairly…all of this without leaving your house. Activism comes in all forms and I often see many straight activists out there doing our work for us which is truly inspiring, so perhaps the least we can do…would be a great start.

Those 80 countries and 44 States need to know that this is no longer acceptable behavior, and if we are going to get the rest of the world out of 1950 we are going to need a lot more hands on deck.


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