Constance and Gaga-shaking it up!

The Red Queen exclaimed, “it is better to be feared than loved!” Although I’m not sure if I share that sentiment, I do think we gays must be damn scary!

It seems that 18 year old openly lesbian, Constance McMillen just wanted to go to her prom with her girlfriend as her date and the school cancelled the whole damn shindig rather than let her do just that. (They lost that battle by the way- A judge in Mississippi ruled that that the school violated her rights but didn’t make them reinstate the prom.)

Then I hear some woman named Sandy Rios who is the president of the Culture Campaign (what is that exactly?) calling the new Lady Gaga videos' lesbian scenes “disgusting” and the whole video “just poison for the minds of our kids.” Now call me madcap but this all sounds like fear to me. Ms. Rios’ criticism surrounds artists continuing to push the envelope and crossing boundaries.

Newsflash: that is our job. Its called art and evolution and its been going on since the beginning of time.

The ancient Greeks artists painted sexual scenes on their ceramics, many of them depicting same-sex relations and we can’t forget the Japanese Shunga Netsuke carvings (those tiny ivory figures in fabulous sexual positions), they’ve been around since the 13th century. Elvis had parents freaking out with his pelvis movements in the 1950’s–so much so that they had to film him from the waist up only to get him on TV and will we ever forget Madonna’s Sex book or planting one on the lips of Brittany Spears?

Artists have taking chances and moving our society forward by doing one thing…pushing the boundaries. Even the civil rights movement was nudged along with the help countless folk singers and the musical “Hair “ with its racially integrated cast in 1968.

As humans we seem crave to live in a sexually free and natural state without the suppression that governments and religions have put on us. Instinctually we know that it’s not right to be told whom we can and cannot love, how we must love them and what we view.  As artists if all we do is play it safe then we are re-creating what’s already here not breaking new ground and affecting change.

So to that Vice Principal in Mississippi, here are the facts- your students cannot catch homosexuality. The only way it seems to “happen” to heterosexuals is when they drink too much alcohol or when given a long prison term.

You weren’t trying to protect your students from possibly feeling uncomfortable seeing Constance and her girl slow dance–I believe it’s your own discomfort with those frightening gays you were projecting.

Now Ms. Rios I, doubt that there has ever been one case reported where a child has become gay from watching a video. Unless they already have that inclination and then seeing it in a video is a gift to them of realizing they are not alone.

I’m sure l Lady Gaga is thrilled with all these opposes to her video hell you can’t buy that kind of publicity!

Every time one of them goes public with their fear and disgust those you tube hits turn over like a winning slot machine.

And as for our young tuxedo-wearing activist Constance, well I would say you should be very afraid of her. She knows the law and her constitutional rights and she has no respect for your rules and your homophobia-she my friends, is the new generation of gays and lesbians benefiting from the bravery and sacrifice of many generations of artists and activists who have come before her and she, with her young brothers and sisters may one day be able to enjoy a world where the words, “lesbian” and “poison” are not in the same phrase.

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