Give Us Something To Read About

Sugarbeach in Ravenswood, West Australia.

“Give us something to read about” she said to me with her 80 year old twinkling eyes excited by the prospect that Tully and I would accomplish something article worthy.
It moved me, inspiring me not to let Molly down.

She had only just met us but had heard tales of glory through our family connections and needed to hear every step of our musical journey. As I bit into my third king prawn (she made sure was added to the BBQ in our honor), I was struck by the complete, sincere interest Molly and her family had in us. It wasn’t like we flew to Australia in our private jet or just finished opening for Lady Gaga, but the questions kept coming at us and our answers were gobbled up with the potato salad. They gave of themselves, their attention and their warmth in a way that one rarely experiences. She also gave me one great piece of advice as she shooed my hands from trying to grab the finished plates, “don’t get involved with the dishes in other people’s homes…you don’t know where they go.”

The whole way back home, I was reminded of the power and beauty of simply asking and listening.
How special it makes a stranger feel.
Many times my shelves have been lined with self-help books on effective communication skills but not one of them impacted me more than by being generously interrogated by Molly and her family.

I thought about when I get to be 80. What do I want to accomplish? How do I want to be remembered? Up until this moment, I might have said…as someone who helped affect positive change for women and GLBT people all over the world… but right now I would be happy to know that I left most people I met feeling slightly more cared about, interesting and empowered. That might just be enough.

So Molly you see, for all of your much-appreciated awe in what Sugarbeach is doing, it’s you and your extraordinary gifts that gave us something to read about.

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