It’s a shame about your weight…. you have such a pretty face!

It’s a shame about your weight… you have such a pretty face!
Translation: you would be gorgeous if you were just a head.

It’s no wonder I found myself detaching from my body at an early age. I’d spend every cent I made on expensive hair products and skin care, to primp, fluff, fuss, pluck and take care of …the head.

In fact I don’t actually remember having a full-length mirror growing up…I didn’t need one.

It got to a point where I would actually look into the corner of the room when getting out of the shower to avoid any possibility that I might catch a glimpse of anything below… the head.

It all changed when my gorgeous wife began force feeding me an aquarium full of vitamins, organic foods and made me stand naked in front of the mirror and dance or at least send wooing messages of love to my body and yes, she even began playing with that one part of my body I keep locked away from world at all costs... my upper arms.

Her small, nimble fingers slide their way nightly through the covers and rest on either side of that floppy bit before I can protest or ward her off (which is pointless as those same delicate fingers turn into steel handcuffs if I even dare to try and stop her).

She rolls it, squeezes it gently and whispers, “I love this part”.

So I figure, if she can do it, so can I.

Slowly but finally, I’ve begun to look down.

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