New Year's Revolution

This time every year, since I was 8 years old, I stand in front of a mirror and make a resolution to lose 20…or more pounds, exercise and finally, keep it up. Always feeling slightly puffier from a few extra glasses of seasonal eggnog, shortbread and mince tarts, I am determined to pull it all together and take revenge on those fat cells.

Yes, every year I delve into what has been my ‘program of torture’ only to find myself daily sneaking the Almond Roca and Purdy’s Pecan Rolls I found in my stocking.“Stop yourself…you are so awful!” Oh yeah, I’ve got self-talk that would have Louise Hay settling into a 3 month depression.

So today I sat down and considered what 2011 would be like if I just stopped.

Not stopped taking the odd bite of things I enjoyed but stopped beating myself up for never having one day of ‘skinny’ in my whole life. There has not been one moment when I didn’t lean forward to dip into a guacamole bowl and feel that little roll threatening to flip right over the top of my pants. Not one second, even when I was so much thinner, when I didn’t wish that I liked the feeling of elastic, spandex and lycra that are so useful in those ‘suck in the back- fat’ garments.

However this year, I am starting a revolution against self-punishment.

I pledge to do my best to keep myself healthy and living longer…(I mean really, have you seen my wife? I don’t want to miss a minute I could be having with her!) but I will not deny myself every delectable pleasure that’s put on a party table and nor will I buy into having to be the weight of a curling iron in order to feel valuable… cause baby I got a lot more to offer than a six pack and pigeon legs.

I’ve got music to write, videos to film, LGBT artists to promote, human rights battles to win…I mean really how the hell am I going to keep that up on carrot sticks and cottage cheese?!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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