No Wimping or Blocking

“No wimping, no blocking” is the mantra of actors who specialize in improv. It’s essential for them. When a new actor steps on stage into a scene that’s already in progress it’s because they have some new idea or direction to take the scene into. If the new actor says…”isn’t that your ex- girlfriend coming up the path” and the other actor says “no, I don’t think so” …everything dies and the new, potentially brilliant direction is stopped…that’s blocking. 

So its everyone’s job to say something like “YES, you’re right what is she doing here? …and wimping? Well that’s not stepping out of your comfort zone and taking  every new suggestion to its fullest possibility. So if the best thing for the moment is for you to fall to the floor writhing but you choose not to because you don’t want to look stupid…that’s wimping. Another scene killer.

 What an interesting way to live our lives.

 I discussed this concept years ago (long before “Yes Man” came out) with a friend who was longing to be in a relationship after spending way too many years alone. Only months after we talked she was invited to a dinner party, a type of event she wasn’t fond of and always instantly said no to, but this time she hesitated and then accepted. 

At the party she was seated next to man that turned out to be her soul mate to whom she is now happily married and their twins have just celebrated their 2nd birthday. 

That one “yes” changed her entire life bringing with it everything she has ever wanted. 

Do you ever wonder who or what you might have missed by refusing that party invite or that offer to go white water rafting?

It has recently occurred to Tully and I that of course, all of the amazing things that have happened to us, all of our greatest opportunities only came out of us saying yes and then nurturing to the fullest, what we got out of that experience.

Now that doesn’t mean that we always do it. The recouping time at home, missing some invite is often necessary but I’ll bet the Universe had lined up some important experience or someone we were supposed to meet and will now have to go back to the drawing board to have our paths cross again.

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