True Story: The Amp that fell from the Sky

About 2 months ago, I was wandering through our local music store debating the possibility of purchasing a cube amp. For you non-musicians, it is a very small amplifier with a built in speaker to use mostly with an electric guitar or any non-acoustic instrument…so you can hear it. It wasn’t a necessity but I kept fantasizing about how nice it would be to practise in our living room, with it’s large windows and uplifting sunlight instead of our dark music studio which was the only place I could plug in my guitar.

I was convinced the brighter room with it’s view of the forest and the river would inspire me to run scales for unending hours and thereby soaring my guitar skills to monstrous levels.

I needed something light and tiny and thought that a cube amp at about 8”x10” would easily fit under the couch in-between practises.

They were a bit pricey so I held off. This wasn’t up there in importance with curing world hunger or paying down our Visa bill, but nevertheless, last week I found myself in yet another store in Texas this time, once again perusing the cute, squatty little boxes and once again, deciding…not right now.

Yesterday, I’m drinking my morning coffee, looking out at the majestic evergreens, when I noticed a small, grey box laying on it’s back in the dirt with a guitar cable coming out of it. I thought, “gees that looks an awful lot like a cube amp….surely not!”

I gave it about half an hour to see if someone accidentally dropped it from a window above and was rushing down 17 floors to retrieve it, then, I scooted out the exit door and found it hard to believe that I was, in fact, staring down at a cube amp.

I brushed it off, all the while assuming it couldn’t be working otherwise why would it be sitting in the middle of the forest?

Cranked it up, plugged in my guitar and it worked like a charm, even has a tasty little distortion going on which could’ve been a result from the fall from God knows where but at this point I am questioning nothing.

I was blown away. How is it possible for me to just consider having something so obscure and find it literally falling out of the sky and landing 30 feet from my window?

Now I have had some amazing examples of manifesting in my life and my belief in manifesting is strong but even I was taken aback with this one.

Then it hit me, if getting what I think about is this fast and this powerful, what happens when I am allowing negative thoughts and possible disasters to run rampant in my mind? If we are this good at attracting what we put our energy on, we can’t actually afford to let anything but cool stuff and experiences that will bring us happiness, to fill up our heads.

So it begins…a concerted effort to nip every negative thought in the bud by immediately replacing it with it’s polar opposite. So when I put the chopping board on the top of the stove and accidentally turned on the element underneath it and snarled at myself under my breath, in that tone that I know really hurts my feelings, ”YOU IDIOT,” I immediately followed it with, “you are so smart, you should seriously consider joining that Mensa group.”

Sound hokey to you? Do what you like but I’m not taking any chances.

Also, from now on, after thoroughly enjoying my guitar practise, in my sunlit living room on my comfy couch with my new amp, I will sit in front of that same window and focus on that candy apple red Porsche I’ve been lusting over and keep my eye on the forest.

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