Why are we so damn proud?

It’s glorious Gay Pride Season and as hundreds of thousands of gay and straight people fill the streets to view our highly entertaining community decked out in all its’ glory, we occasionally find ourselves being asked, “what is the purpose of all of this?”

We understand how it started…after years of harassment by society and the authorities, gay and lesbians who frequented the dark and secluded Stonewall Inn Pub in New York had finally had enough and turned on the police refusing yet another unprovoked raid, throwing rocks, bottles and stilettos, causing a revolution that filtered through the world, bringing with it the message that ‘we are not going to take this anymore!’

In the past 41 years, Gay Pride seems to have morphed into something even more personal for every individual who shows up to wave his or her rainbow flag.

For me it’s about being surrounded and ensconced in a colourful, creative and gorgeous group of people with whom I share many emotions and experiences. It’s a place where everything I am is not just tolerated but celebrated.

It’s those reminders to the world that we are not only here but bringing with us some of the most enjoyed and beloved artistic beauty and that our numbers are growing and our work will not be done until everyone of us is safe, equal and free.

Why the wild costumes and half naked bodies? How else are we going to get your attention? Would you all show up to read our banners and hear our messages if we were in overalls and plaid shirts?

Sex sells…we’re smart too.

So why are we so damn proud? We have every reason and every right to be and until the rest of the world realizes that, one of the best contributions we can make is to stand up, slap on some sequins and be counted.

Happy Pride Everyone!

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