You'd better brace yourself....

“You'd better brace yourself for a whole lotta ugly coming atcha from a never-ending parade of stupid”.

One of my favorite lines from the show Hairspray. Even though it refers to the struggle a young interracial couple in the 1960’s were about to face, it also applies beautifully to the homophobia the GLBT community faces all too often.

 Since when is it okay to grant human rights and then just take them back? ” Oops sorry, we thought you were just as good and deserving as everyone else but we made a boo boo.”

 So I’m trying figure out, what are they so afraid of? That we’ll all marry, breed more gay and lesbian children, take over the world and genocide the straights? What do intelligent people do when they are trying to decide whether a system will work for their country?

One method is to see if there are other countries with that system in place and see how it is working for them.

Did Canada’s moral fiber completely snap when the queer’s said “I do?” Did the economy collapse in Sweden when same sexes strolled down the isle? Did God cast Spain into the Mediterranean Sea upon hearing of the legal lezzy hitchings?

So what is the basis for this argument? C’mon now, we’ve all gone down the Leviticus list and unless you’re willing to give up shellfish and no longer allow divorcees to remarry, you can’t just pull this one from the pack because it suits some unresolved homophobic issues from that experiment in college you can’t seem to forgive yourself for.

USA-we love you…seriously… many of us even look up to you and count on you to lead and be a shining example for places like Uganda who are going backwards with their policies…but that’s another blog… and most of all we expect you to keep your word…liberty and justice for all.

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