In 2010, Marlee Walchuk & Tully Callender from Sugarbeach had an interview with Len Rogers from Rainbow World Radio in the United States. They talked about a need in the LGBT music community for a central place that people could find queer-themed music videos.
They had just made a few of their own and had no place to release them to. They felt that the radio and music side of the LGBT community was well supported but other than sifting through YouTube, there wasn't a video resource which was accessible globally on the internet.
Sugarbeach RightOutTV
By the end of the interview they had convinced themselves that maybe they were the ones to give it a go.
This dream turned into a fully promotional website, RightOutTV.com, a free platform for LGBTI original music artists featuring interviews, written and video, new releases, behind the scenes and special event coverage.
Just 10 months after the launch, Sugarbeach created the first RightOutTV Music and Video Awards with industry professional judges making the hard decisions on which LGBTI artists will take home the top honors. The Global awards have included artists from France, Switzerland, England, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Israel, Portugal, Canada and the United States.
Every year the WINNERS are announced in an online presentation hosted by Sugarbeach!
 The 2014 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards will begin in September!
To Contact RightOutTV: rightouttv@shaw.ca