Come On Out

Marlee Walchuk; Nathalie Callender


Written as the theme song for the 2011 Vancouver Outgames, encouraging and inspiring people to actively participate in the games, The Human Rights Conference and in their own lives.


It's so easy to say "no I'll just stay home thanks anyway"
It sounds like fun I'll catch the next one maybe if I've had a better day
You could be connecting instead of dissecting
Why you're life’s not like a magazine
Can you imagine how it would rock
if you said yes to everything
Come on Out
Come on Out and Play
Come on Out
Get yourself in the game
You're better than you think
You're stronger than you know
Time to stretch those wings
You gotta go
Come on out
Come on out and play
Nothing grows in a comfort zone Chances are only blown when not taken
Let others rack up TV time while you start the climb for magical ground breakin'
When that voice says you can't do it
Say “Back off, you’re blocking my light”
You can have what you want
You can love whom you please
It’s your human right
Take up more space
Claim your place
Bite the stage fright
When you shine
You're the power line
Face the burn, get in your life