My Perfect Christmas

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Marlee Walchuk & Nathalie Callender


You were already threatening to put up the tree

and it' wasn't even Halloween

You snuck some garland on the window pane

Your pretty wrapped gifts hide and wait

Now I see you eyeing those lights and printing recipes for gingerbread

making predictions of snow and walks along the riverbed

I shake my head how did it come to this

My perfect life

with my perfect wife and

My perfect Christmas


After years without love how could I have guessed

I'd be slow dancing with an angel on my chest

When you come your light fills this place

I got daily reasons to celebrate

Pull out our cheesy snowman pjs and those slippers with the bells

I love this time every year when we fall under this spell

When you start playing Amy Grant I know what's coming next

My perfect Life

with My perfect Wife

and my perfect Christmas


You've asked me twice for my wish list and I don't know what to write

I have all I need looking at me bathed in candlelight

You won't give up til I fill this page so I'll read you what it says

Santa keep me in this Perfect life

with my perfect wife

and my perfect Christmas